Kid’s Must-Have Bedrooms Replace Toys

Feb 11, 2005
George Anderson

By George Anderson

It used to be that every winter holiday season, toy manufacturers, retailers and the press would be talking about the must-have toy for the year. This past holiday season demonstrated that there really are very few, if any, must-have toys anymore as kids look to entertain themselves with electronic games and other means beyond simply playing with dolls, trucks and the toys their Baby Boomer parents grew up with.

Toy manufacturers and retailers have also seen this shift as well and have looked for other ways to get at the dollars previously spent on Barbie and G.I. Joe that are now going elsewhere.

According to The Associated Press, manufacturers are looking to other product categories such as furniture and accessories to move their branded merchandise. It also gives them the added benefit of being sold in more than one department at Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

Chris Byrne, an independent consultant, told the AP that it’s becoming a necessity for manufacturers to broaden their scope. “You’ve got to be in different categories. Toys is crowded and competitive. And,” he added, “the furniture market is hot right now.”

Moderator’s Comment: What is your assessment of the current state of the toy category? What must retailers in the business of going after the dollars
spent on young kids be aware of to be successful today?

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