Kids Going to College Move Out and Up

Sep 02, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Forget the days of making a run to the local Salvation Army or second-hand
furniture store to decorate dorms rooms. Today’s kids are moving out and moving
up at the same time as parents spare no expense in making the transition to
college life as smooth as possible, reports The New York Times.

Retailers have been quick to pick up on the realities of modern dorm living
and have responded with special programs to meet the needs of college students
and the parents who foot their bills.

Chains including Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney and Linens ‘n Things have created back-to-college
registries for students to create a wish list of products for family and friends
to buy.

Beds, Bath and Beyond’s back-to-college pack-and-hold program allows students
to shop the store with a handheld scanner. Students identify products to buy
and instead of transporting them from home, they can choose to pick them up
at the closest Bed, Bath and Beyond to their college.

Moderator’s Comment: What’s your opinion on the back-to-college
programs discussed in The New York Times article?

We’re not so sure about the back-to-college registry idea
but Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s pack-and-hold program seems worth copying.

Anderson – Moderator

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