KFC Gets Roasted

Apr 27, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Having unsuccessfully attempted to convince the consuming public and the Federal Trade Commission that fried chicken was the equivalent of health food, KFC is trying a less controversial
approach this time with the introduction of a number of oven-roasted chicken items to its menu beginning May 10.

USA Today reports plans that include roasted chicken being sold in boneless strips, wraps and entree salads. KFC is particularly hoping the new roasted item dishes will
help the chain attract more female customers.

Gregg Dedrick, KFC’s new president said, “We now have lunch and dinner options for everyone.”

Some remain unconvinced.

Allan Hickok of Hickok McMillan Strategic Advisors said, “KFC has spent 50 years instructing the public that they’re all about fried. Does this give them license to sell roasted
chicken? No.”

Scott Bergren, marketing chief for the chain sees it differently. “KFC isn’t coming out of left field,” he said. “Our food evolution is a steady part of a bigger picture. Our
goal is to redefine our brand and make it more relevant.”

Moderator’s Comment: What are your thoughts on KFC’s roasted chicken strategy?

We think Allan Hickok, as portrayed in USA Today, is probably making too big a deal about the KFC’s fried heritage. Chicken is chicken. Only the
preparation is changing here. If it tastes good and doesn’t cost too much, people will buy it.

George Anderson – Moderator

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