Kellogg Extends and Repackages Pop-Tarts

May 20, 2002
Avatar is reporting that Kellogg will extend its Pop-Tarts franchise next month with a new Snak-Stix version. The frosted Pop-Tarts in candy bar-like snacks with cookies & creme, caramel chocolate or double chocolate fillings will be advertised on television as a “whole new attitude” in snacking to teens ages 12-17 starting August 18. Cross promotions with Kellogg cereal brands begin in July.

Kellogg also plans to revitalize all Pop-Tarts’ traditional white packaging with bold blue beginning in June. Additionally, the company is teaming with 20th Century Fox’s “The Simpsons” for a limited-edition wild strawberry-filled Simpsons Pop-Tarts with sprinkles, also shipping in June.

Moderator Comment: What are your thoughts on Kellogg’s
plan for its Pop-Tarts product line?

Battle Creek has been stepping up with new products and
promotion. Coming soon, a response from General Mills/Pillsbury and Kraft Foods’
Nabisco and/or Post brands. [George
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