Kash n’ Karry Reinvents Itself

Mar 09, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Kash n’ Karry has announced plans to blow itself up and start from square one. revamping all its stores in a new fresh-food focused format under the banner of Sweetbay Supermarket.

Shelley Broader, president and chief operating officer, of Kash n’ Karry said yesterday, “I want to radically improve this chain. It’s not about painting and fixing up and remodeling.
That’s a piece of what you’ll see, but this is really about changing the shopping experience.”

The grocery chain plans to convert all 103 Kash n’ Karry units into the Sweetbay format emphasizing perishables, ethnic foods and organics.

Ms. Broader, who previously worked at Hannaford Bros. before taking the president’s job at Kash n’ Karry, is planning to bring the New England chain’s private label into the
Florida market.

Moderator’s Comment: What are your
thoughts on Kash n’ Karry’s announcement that it will replace all its existing stores with the Sweetbay concept?

The moves announced by Kash n’ Karry seem to be an acknowledgement by the chain that it can no longer hope to be successful operating in a middle area between
the low prices of Wal-Mart and the superior customer service of Publix. With expanded perishable sections, a deeper selection of ethnic products, it appears as though Kash ‘n
Karry has decided it’s easier to compete on Publix’ terms than Wal-Mart’s.
Anderson – Moderator

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