Junk Food Commercials Banned

Nov 16, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

A new law in the United Kingdom has placed a ban on commercials promoting junk foods until after nine o’clock at night, reports The Press Association.

The British Health Secretary, Dr. John Reid, believes the ban is necessary to help protect children who have not been immune to the obesity epidemic plaguing the nation.

Dr. Reid said, “What people want in today’s world is as much support and assistance from the Government as possible to help them make the healthy choices which will give them a better quality life and prolong their life.”

To qualify under the junk food ban, products must contain high levels of fat, sugar and/or salt.

The U.K. is also instituting a crackdown on smoking in public places, as well. While smoking will still be allowed in pubs, establishments serving hot food will no longer permit smoking.

“What most people have told us is they do not want to take away the right of people to do that which remains legal, but they do not want people to have the right to damage other people’s health or to inconvenience others.

“I have the task of trying to make sure that things shift in favour of the majority,” he said.

Moderator’s Comment: Should the U.S. government place stricter controls on the advertising of food products with
little nutritional benefits?

We read with concern that some otherwise healthy products such as soup might be included in the ban because of salt content. We find it hard to equate salty
chips and a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

George Anderson – Moderator

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