It’s the Consumer’s Choice for Grocery

Sep 24, 2002

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what makes the best supermarket pretty much follows the same logic, according to a column by Linda Moore on the web site.

Ms. Moore writes, “There’s no one best grocery store. Most people want them clean and fresh smelling, but beyond that, what makes one better than the other is pretty subjective.”

Ms. Moore column looks at three stores in the Memphis-area: Aldi’s, Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market and The Fresh Market.

Aldi’s with its no-frills, low-cost private-label approach to retailing tells consumers they can save up to 50% off their regular food purchases by shopping there.

Wal-Mart’s Neighborhood Market also offers low prices, but in a more traditional grocery store setting. Greater emphasis is given to national brands, although Wal-Mart’s private label brands are also prominently displayed.

The Fresh Market takes a decidedly upscale approach to supermarketing. Ms. Moore says that it “offers an antique-filled, almost boutique-style operation.” At 20,000 square feet in size, the store also “offers unique grocery items and has no shelf tags to point out specials or sales.”

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