If You Want Loyalty, Be Convenient

Dec 13, 2004

By John Hennessy

According to a survey by Brand Keys, “Convenience” now contributes 18% to product and service adoption, loyalty and profitability. This level represents a five-fold increase since it was first measured by Brand Keys in 1997.

Robert Passikoss, president of Brand Keys, says, “If you deliver on a comprehensive convenience promise, consumers will positively beat a path to your door. And who can disagree?”

What’s convenient for an airline customer will be different for a restaurant customer, and then again for a supermarket shopper. But regardless, the survey points out that convenience attributes are effectively loyalty-inspiring “brand differentiators” and deserve more attention from retailers and marketers.

Moderator’s Comment: What are some conveniences retailers and marketers are delivering to shoppers today? What conveniences are being neglected?

In our work with shoppers, saving time always ranks high on the list of what shoppers value. They’ll tell us that they make too many trips to too many retailers
for similar products. If someone could help them reduce the number of trips, they would reward that retailer. In short, that would be convenient.

Combine the above data point with the fact that most households purchase about 200 different “supermarket” products and you have an opportunity to add convenience.
Figure out what those 200 products are by shopper and let your shoppers know about those products and closely related products.

To you, it’s personalized or targeted marketing. To your shoppers, it’s a handy reminder service. Convenience. And shoppers enjoy it.

Contrary to some of the vocal anti-privacy voices, shoppers appreciate having their business acknowledged. The secret is making sure that your execution
considers your shopper’s preferences first and foremost. Sales will follow.

John Hennessy – Moderator

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