Guinness Changes Brew for New Irish Consumer

Apr 28, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

The Guinness Extra Stout sold in Nigeria is not the same famous frothy beverage
brewed in Ireland.

Guinness intends to remedy this situation, somewhat, when it begins brewing
its African-style stout at the company’s headquarters in Dublin. This will be
in addition to the brand’s local flagship stout.

The brewer has taken this step to meet consumer demand from African immigrants
to Ireland. Reuters reports, “The African version of Guinness Foreign
Extra Stout tastes sweeter and heavier than the traditional draught popular
in the west, and is almost double in strength.”

A spokesperson for the company told the news service, “There is a tradition
that Guinness is brewed to suit the local taste, and in the Far East, Asia,
the Caribbean and Africa people are used to a stronger Guinness. That taste
and preference exist to this day.”

Moderator’s Comment: What impact will the growing immigrant
population in the United States have on food and beverage retailing?

A local Mexican restaurant serves both American and Mexican
versions of the same soft drink brands. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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