Growing Hispanic Population Favors Branded Meat Products

Feb 26, 2002

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s (IDDBA) new “The Hispanic Consumer: Attitudes, Buying Behavior, & Purchase Drivers” consumer research finds that the growing consumer base likes branded products. It reports that 84 percent of Hispanics often or sometimes buy national brands at their delis, 76 percent often or sometimes buy store brands, and 74 percent often or sometimes buy Hispanic brands. Only 12 percent rarely buy national brands, 16 percent rarely buy Hispanic brands, and 18 percent rarely buy store brands. The 104-page research study may be purchased from IDDBA (608-238-7908).

Moderator Comment: Are there lessons learned from
the Hispanic market that can be applied to other ethnic groups such as Asians
and African-Americans?

The summary findings of this study make a very important
point. Hispanics are not a homogeneous market. Up until now, the various sub-groups
that constitute this market have been largely concentrated in geographic areas
such as Cuban immigrants in Miami, Mexicans in Los Angeles, Dominicans in New
York, etc. But, as the opportunities for Hispanics continue to expand, the population
will disperse as it has with every other ethnic group that has made it in America.
Anderson – Moderator

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