Grocer Tries to Stop Fights at Checkouts

Aug 14, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Safeway in Australia is doing away with its eight items or less express lanes
in an attempt to reduce arguments between customers at the checkout, according
to the Web site.

The arguments, which can be heard wherever express lanes exist, center on shoppers
objecting to others who get in line with more than the specified number of items.

Safeway’s solution is to change its express lanes policy to serve only those
customers who use shopping baskets.

Moderator’s Comment: How should retailers reduce personal
conflicts between shoppers on express lanes?

We’d like to see express lanes go the way of the dinosaur.
How many businesses can survive by making their most valuable customers wait
and watch while others receive preferential treatment? That is what happens
every time a person with 12 or less items goes through an express lane while
a line builds up with shoppers who have their shopping carts loaded.

Anderson – Moderator

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