GMDC Releases New OTC/Rx-To-OTC Merchandising Study

Sep 09, 2002
Roy White

The GMDC Educational Foundation has just released Introducing and Merchandising New OTC Whole Health Products, a research study designed as “a practical guide for maximizing the potential of OTC, and especially Rx-to-OTC switch, products within the Whole Health concept.”

The study, researched and authored by Willard Bishop Consulting “demonstrates that OTC and Rx-to-OTC switch products are integral to Whole Health and represent an important opportunity for retailers and wholesalers to satisfy customer needs and develop new business. Study research found that 3 or 4 consumers purchase OTCs to promote a healthy lifestyle, and that OTCs are viewed as a major pathway to healthy living, trailing only vitamins and exercise in this study.”

Roy White, vice president education, GMDC says, “This study is being distributed to the entire Wholesaler/Retailer membership of GMDC, as well as to all HBC supplier members. It is designed to help our wholesaler and retailer members get the greatest productivity possible out of new OTCs and the several Rx-to-OTC switch products that are in the pipeline. The study alerts our members to a broad array of tools they can use to launch and grow new OTCs and Rx-to-OTC products.”

Four in-store strategies are analyzed for their value in helping to grow new OTC product sales. These include:

  • Personal counseling services, especially in the pharmacy

  • Information services including kiosks, at-shelf and pharmacy counter toppers

  • Low-risk introductory products, such as trial sizes and samples

  • Permanent new product section

Introducing and Merchandising New OTC Whole Health Products is being distributed to all GMDC Wholesaler/Retailer members, It includes a CD-ROM outlining the study’s content and action strategies. For information on GMDC’s educational services and/or obtaining a copy of the most recent study contact: Roy White, vice president education, GMDC Educational Foundation, 212-679-6026,

Moderator’s Comment: How important are OTC products
in developing a Whole Health Strategy? How important is retail personnel education
in realizing OTC and Rx to OTC opportunities?

GMDC’s Educational Foundation once again proves why so
many retailers, wholesalers and suppliers look to the association for leadership
on critical issues in GM/HBC and pharmacy. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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