Getting in Touch with Men’s Interior Decorator Side

Oct 24, 2002
George Anderson

By George Anderson

If Lowe’s and Home Depot can focus on women to grow product sales normally associated with men, then it makes sense that the opposite would hold true. That is what Crate & Barrel, a retailer of furniture and housewares, is counting on with its latest marketing efforts.

Kathy Paddor, director of marketing, Crate & Barrel told the Chicago Tribune columnist Jim Kirk, “We’ve begun to notice the last six to 10 years that the male consumer is more opinionated, more knowledgeable … whether they are purchasing furniture or cooking in the kitchen.”

Crate & Barrel’s current strategy focuses on “lifestyle” publications such as GQ and Vogue while moving away from traditional home magazines used to reach consumers.

Moderator’s Comment: Is Crate & Barrel’s “lifestyle”
marketing strategy sound?

There’s no question that men are more involved today in
issues traditionally handled by women. The real question is whether men have
as much influence with women when it comes to purchasing as women have on men.
Now that’s research worth investigating. Maybe Wunderman has something on that
too. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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