Execs: We Don’t Deserve Customer’s Loyalty

Feb 19, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

New research from the Strativity Group, a global consulting firm specializing in customer experience management (CEM), says only 54 percent of American executives (director to
vice president level) and 36 percent of European executives believe their companies deserve the loyalty of their customers.

According to the report, Customer Experience Management Study, “The majority of employees lack the conviction of their product’s or service’s value and do not agree that
their company deserves the customer’s loyalty. In addition, major discrepancies between companies’ declarations and execution were found.”

Here are highlights of Strativity’s research, which can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking here.

  • Only 37 percent agreed that they have the tools and authority to service and resolve customer problems.

  • Forty-six percent claimed their executives do not meet frequently with customers.

  • Less than one in three’s compensation is tied to the quality of customer service.

  • Only 38 percent of U.S. executives and 10 percent of Europeans agreed their company invests in people more than technology.

Moderator’s Comment: What is your reaction to the findings of the Strativity Group’s
research and how does it square (or not) with your view of customer relations between manufacturers/wholesalers/retailers and retailers/consumers?

The sample size of the Strativity Group’s research is small (165 executives in total) but it is consistent with what we’ve heard from manufacturers, retailers
and others over the years when honesty (always off the record) replaces the company line.
Anderson – Moderator

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