Editorial: Council Should Limit Single-Serve Beer Sales

Oct 02, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

An editorial running in the Pantagraph says the Bloomington (IL) City Council is right to consider whether limits need to be placed on the sale of single-serve alcoholic
beverages, primarily beer.

The primary issue, according to the editorial, is whether or not single-serve sales encourage people to drink and drive.

Convenience store operators with gas pump operations are the most likely business targets of a prohibition. “It seems logical that people who want to drink and drive would be
more likely to grab a beer during a quick dash into a small convenience store/gasoline stop than to go into one of the major grocery stores and wait behind people in line with

The editorial concludes, “Store owners would probably scream for proof that single-serving sales encourage drinking and driving. But the city isn’t obligated to have all the
answers. Its obligation is not to allow things, which ‘may’ cause public harm. In this case, common sense should prevail over ‘proof’.”

Moderator’s Comment: Should local governments prohibit or place limits on single-serve beer sales?

We agree with the Pantagraph that common sense should prevail on this subject.

The problem is the paper demonstrates a total lack of sense in its editorial position. Based on this argument, restaurant, bars and places of entertainment
such as sports stadiums should be prohibited from selling a single beer because it “may cause public harm.”
Anderson – Moderator

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