Drive-offs Have Station Owners Seeing Red

Mar 12, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

The price for a gallon of gasoline has risen 47 percent in New York over the last year and that has led to an increase in the number of drive-offs, reports The Buffalo News.

Drive-offs (consumers filling their gas tanks and driving off without paying) have increased “more than 30 percent in the last month.”

One gasoline retailer, Delta Sonic, has seen drive-offs increase 33 percent. Brian Stone, director of corporate loss prevention, Delta Sonic said, “People often see this as a victimless crime. But at some point, every retailer is going to have to hand down that price to consumers.”

Delta Sonic is protecting itself against drive-off thefts by installing video surveillance equipment at its Buffalo-area stations. The system videotapes the crime and emails license plate information to police.

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