Doubts Grow Over Outsourcing, Off-shoring

Apr 19, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

The topic of outsourcing programming and call-center jobs, especially overseas to places such as India, has remained a contentious topic in American business circles.

Critics point to the recent decisions of Dell Computer and others to bring back jobs from overseas after receiving complaints from consumers or discovering other performance-related
issues as evidence that companies that “off-shore” jobs are simply getting what they pay for.

Frances Karamouzis, an analyst at Gartner Research, spoke to Newsweek and offered a different analysis of the situation. “Companies are focusing on relentless cost-cutting
and are off-shoring their problems rather than finding a true business solution.”

Moderator’s Comment: Why do you believe companies are having second thoughts about outsourcing jobs overseas? Ultimately,
is off-shoring good for the U.S. and world economies?

“IDC Research maintains that offshore spending will quadruple by 2007 as the world’s economy becomes increasingly globalized.”
Anderson – Moderator

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