Dirty Don’s Prices Beat Dollar Stores’

May 23, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Sallie Ludovico and her daughter Cathlene Greer shop at Dirty Don’s Bargain Center for, what else, bargains.

Ms. Ludovico told the Kansas City Star, “We come in about once a month. In a lot of cases, it’s cheaper than the dollar stores.”

How does Dirty Don’s do it? The store sells items salvaged from boxes that were broken due to accidents. It also sells manufacturer closeouts, irregular or flawed items and food near or past its “use by” date.

Don Glenn, owner of Dirty Don’s said, “Insurers need an undertaker like me to take the products off their hands. I help them — and I help the consumer — save money.” He added, “You know, we are in tough economic times, and people are looking for more bargains to make their purchasing dollar go further.”

Moderator’s Comment: What does it take to remain price
competitive in a market where supercenters, dollar stores, warehouse clubs and
closeout outlets are being shopped at more often than in the past?

We recently overheard a discussion between a cashier and
customer in a supermarket. The cashier wondered aloud how the dollar store located
in a high-rent mall could sell greeting cards for so much less than the supermarket
and still make money. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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