CVS Tests Laboratory Testing Card

Aug 09, 2002

CVS is testing a pre-paid card for that will enable consumers to get up to 12 medical laboratory tests at a local Quest Diagnostics office. The pre-paid QuesTest card, covering tests including cholesterol, hepatitis c and HIV, are being made available to CVS shoppers in 81 pharmacies in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida and in Columbus, Ohio.

The program seeks to empower consumers looking to manage their health care. By purchasing the card in CVS, consumers may now gain information on medical conditions without a visit to the doctor.

Consumers may purchase QuesTest cards in participating CVS locations with prices ranging from $40 for a cholesterol screening to $115 for a full health panel.

Moderator’s Comment: Will consumers be receptive to
the CVS/QuesTest card?

We fully understand the consumer desire to be more in
control of personal health-related matters. That said, basic finances make us
believe that this program goes nowhere without insurance picking up at least
some of the tab.

MDs will probably also not be too happy about this, either.
Fewer visits to the doctor’s office may translate into physicians having to
put off buying those new clubs for a while longer. Look for the medical community
to frame it as a patient welfare issue. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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