Coupon Counterfeiting Scam

Aug 18, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Atlanta’s grocers took notice when shoppers tried to cash in computer-generated
coupons giving them $150 in free merchandise, reports the city’s Journal-Constitution

The coupons, offering items such as Häagen-Dazs ice cream for free, turned
out to be counterfeit. The scam was “the biggest of its kind to hit Georgia
in more than 14 years, according to the Georgia Food Industry Association.”

Publix and Kroger, were reportedly the hardest hit by the counterfeit coupons
because the chains are engaged in a double coupons competition.

Kathy Kuzava, president of the Georgia Food Industry Association, said, “These
coupons are like counterfeit money. It’s a mess out there, and it’s bigger than
we ever could imagine.”

Initial estimates peg the cost of the counterfeiting scam at $1 million or

Moderator’s Comment: How big a problem is coupon fraud
in the grocery business? What needs to be done to reduce incidents such as the
counterfeit coupon scam in Georgia?
Anderson – Moderator

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