Couples Work at Working at Home

May 23, 2002

An article in The Wall Street Journal reports that amid layoffs, restructuring and a boom in mobile-office technology, about 1.5 million couples now work together full time from home, either in a family business or in separate businesses or jobs, according to IDC, a Framingham, Mass., research concern. Also, a growing number of couples work part time after hours from home, either on regular jobs or sideline occupations.

A few traits are likely to signal success in this household-office setup. If working spouses were both dorm-room studiers, says Cynthia Froggatt, author of Work Naked, a book on telework, they will probably be comfortable working and living in the same place. Communication in negotiating needs and resentments is essential. A big enough home to accommodate each spouse’s desire for space is necessary. And of course, both spouses must want to make the mutual work-at-home setup work.

Moderator Comment: How has (will) increased use of home offices and telecommuting affect who does the shopping the how it gets done?

An adult male shopping in a supermarket with three small
children in tow will hear two comments from fellow shoppers.

  1. Better you than me.

  2. God bless you.

Anderson – Moderator

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