Coke Targets Hispanics with U.S. Return of Fanta

Mar 06, 2002
George Anderson

After 20 years on the sidelines, Coca-Cola is trying to gain a new foothold for Fanta, which withered in the face of tough competition and the rise of Coke’s own rival brand, Minute Maid. But Fanta has remained a critical global product for Coke. Outside North America, Fanta is Coke’s second-biggest brand, behind only Coca-Cola itself, said Charles Guilbeau, who oversees the Fanta brand around the world.

Fanta, chiefly sold as an orange-flavored soda, has had great success with Hispanic consumers outside of the United States. Now Coke thinks the brand can be a hit with the burgeoning Hispanic population in America. “One of the advantages we have is this great, global asset,” said Cal Collier, director of flavored carbonated soft drink brands for Coke’s North American division. The disadvantage is the effort it takes to introduce a new product in an already crowded market.

Moderator Comment: Will Coca-Cola be successful with its relaunch of Fanta?

Assuming Coca-Cola is successful in generating a significant market for Fanta with Hispanic consumers, it should only be a matter of time before the product gains popular acceptance. Wrapping up a endorsement deal with J-Lo or one of the other crossover success stories wouldn’t hurt either. [George Anderson – Moderator]

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