Coke Looks to Swerve Past Competitors

May 27, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Coca-Cola plans to launch Swerve, a skim milk-based drink in chocolate, vanilla/banana and blueberry flavors in July, according to The Associated Press.

The Swerve introduction follows last year’s introduction of the chocolate-flavored Choglit from Coke. It also sells Planet Java, a coffee-flavored item with some dairy ingredients.

Moderator’s Comment: What other beverage categories are most likely to be affected by increased consumption of milk-based beverages?

This is purely anecdotal, but in a recent trip to a deli we overheard children asking Mom for a yogurt smoothie drink to go with their sandwiches, not a

Because Swerve contains 52% skim milk, it can carry the “Real” seal of the American Dairy Association, according to USA Today. This will surely make
it more attractive to parents looking for healthier beverage alternatives. It will also serve as a selling point for kids in the “get that” mode.
Anderson – Moderator

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