Chain Chickens Out on Beef Campaign

Jan 05, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Chick-fil-A has decided to temporarily postpone the newest ad campaign in a nine-year market program that features a cow telling consumers to ‘Eat Mor Chikin’.

The chain made the decision to pull its planned outdoor, direct mail and in-store promotion, fearing it might appear insensitive in light of the recent finding of mad cow disease
in an animal in Washington state.

A spokesperson for the company, Jerry Johnston said, ‘It’s not the intention of Chick-fil-A to make light or take advantage of any food health crisis. We are voluntarily withdrawing
or delaying our advertising. We don’t want people to perceive that we are taking advantage of what is happening in any way.’

Moderator’s Comment: Was it a smart idea for Chick-fil-A to postpone its newest ad campaign?

Laura Ries, president of Ries & Ries marketing consultants, told the Associated Press she believed Chick-fil-A was making the right move. She called
holding off the campaign a smart idea.

‘There is no need to throw salt on a wound, so to speak. You always want to lie low in these situations.’

Our response is, “Give us a PC friggin’ break.”

Let us explain our reaction.

Number one: Chick-fil-A sells chicken.

Number two: The campaign with the cow urging consumers to eat chicken has been running for nine years.

Number three: See numbers one and two. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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