C-Store Customers Find POP Ads Helpful

Apr 24, 2002

Nearly eight of 10 consumers who enter a convenience store say that in-store ads, or point-of-purchase advertising, provide helpful information, according to a recent study reported by BrandWeek.com.

About 30 percent of all convenience store customers were able to recall in-store ads for specific products, with carbonated beverages, cigarettes and coffee receiving the highest response.

ACNielsen Marketing Decisions conducted the survey of some 1,200 convenience store customers in more than 120 c-store outlets across the country for Point-Of-Purchase Advertising International (POPAI). Anheuser-Busch, Frito-Lay, Pepsi, Pfizer-Adams and Quaker sponsored the study.

Other findings:

  • Seventy-nine percent believe their c-store had the right amount of in-store advertising.
  • Window ads attract 69 percent of respondents to particular products.
  • Only 10 percent indicate they would like to see more POP in their stores.
  • Forty-three percent of POP ads are found by consumers at the aisle or fountain cooler.
  • Thirty-eight percent are viewed outside the store on such spots as gas pumps or doors.

Moderator Comment: Does widespread use of manufacturer
supplied POP materials clarify or muddy a retailer’s image in the minds of consumers?

POP works, no question. It is essential to driving add-on
and impulse purchases in stores. With so much on offer from manufacturers, how
can retailers more effectively use supplied POP with the in-store signage and
displays they create? And almost as importantly, how can retailers and manufacturers
work together to assure in-store compliance? [George
Anderson – Moderator

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