Boycott America Movement Grows

Mar 26, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Consumers and businesses overseas are demonstrating their objections to the
US war in Iraq by boycotting American brands.

In Germany, a small number of restaurants have stopped selling Coca-Cola, according
to Reuters.

An owner a restaurant in Berlin told Reuters, “We wanted to do something
to express our annoyance. We want to hit America where it hurts — in their
wallets. None of the customers have complained. On the contrary, most thought
it was a great idea.”

Other demonstrations against US commercial interests have taken place from
France to Indonesia. Web sites such as
are seeking to rally support for the boycott movement.

Moderator’s Comment: How should US consumers and businesses
react economically to the growing anti-Americanism in other countries?

America is called a bully by those opposed to its war
in Iraq.

The restaurants in Berlin would do well to remember that
if it wasn’t for the US bully, they would be living in a society ruled by Nazis
or Stalinists.

They would also do well to remember that Josef Stalin
is Saddam Hussein’s political role model. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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