Bottled Water Fortifies Retail Sales

Aug 05, 2002
George Anderson

The New York Times reports that, “Dozens of brands of fortified water are appearing on grocers’ shelves, attracting health-conscious consumers with various combinations of herbs, vitamins and minerals.”

Fortified water along with plain waters are demanding increased share of shelf space as sales for the category intensifies. Gene Grabowski, spokesman for GMA, says of the category, “It’s red hot. Waters of all kinds are the fastest-growing product in beverages, growing at double digits and have been for a couple of years now.” Bottled water is the fastest growing beverage segment with annual sales of $6.9 billion.

Current fortified waters on the market include:

  • Glaceau Vitaminwater

  • Aquafina Essentials (Pepsico)

  • Propel Fitness Water (Gatorade)

  • Dannon Fluoride to Go (Groupe Danone of France)

Coca-Cola will enter the fortified water market next year when its rolls out plans Dasani Nutriwater.

Moderator’s Comment: Do retailers need to market and
merchandise fortified waters differently than other bottled waters? Should retailers
roll out their own brand of fortified waters?

Fortified waters have significantly higher price points
than other bottled waters so ‘benefits’ marketing is the way to go here. As
far as private label, have we mentioned that fortified waters have significantly
higher price points (re: profits) than ‘plain’ bottled water?
[George Anderson – Moderator]

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