Bill Wants To End Obesity Suits

Feb 11, 2004

By George Anderson

A law introduced by California Assemblyman would prevent obese people from suing manufacturers and foodservice operators for weight problems.

The Assemblyman, John Dutra, introduced his bill on Monday.

“We’re responsible for our own eating habits,” he said. “The manufacturer that provides us with ice cream or cake or pies or cookies shouldn’t be responsible for us eating their
products in excess.”

“It just seems so ridiculous to me for the restaurant and the food manufacturers to face the potential litigation when the litigation was so frivolous,” he added.

Moderator’s Comment: What are your thoughts on legislation that would make it impossible
for obese consumers to sue food providers?

Assemblyman Dutra’s bill would ban lawsuits as long as the food complies with federal and state regulations covering it.
Anderson – Moderator

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