Better Burgers And Fast

Mar 24, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

An article by Bruce Horovitz in USA Today says a number of fast food restaurants including Burger King, Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr. and others are looking to draw in customers
by offering them better tasting burgers made from Angus beef.

The decision to add these higher quality and priced burgers to menus is a reflection of consumer demand. Russ Klein, global marketing chief at Burger King, told USA Today
sales of the higher quality meat is growing at twice the rate of standard fast food burgers.

Moderator’s Comment: Does the shift to better-quality, higher-priced foods in fast food restaurants represent the
beginning of a fundamental change in the product offerings by these types of foodservice businesses?

Burger King’s Angus Steakburger will cost consumers $3.29, quite high by BK and McD’s standards. Still, consumers think of Angus hamburgers as being better
than regular burgers by an 11 to one margin. For most consumers, $3.29 is not that much to pay if the burger is really better.
Anderson – Moderator

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