Asda Yucks It Up

Dec 18, 2002
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Shoppers in Asda’s 258 stores are going to be getting an earful this Friday and Christmas Eve – an earful of jokes that is.

The company intends to broadcast jokes over its PA systems every half hour to lighten the mood and reduce the stress of harried holiday shoppers.

The Ananova web site reports that one of the jokes is: “Why don’t polar bears eat penguins? Because they can’t get the wrappers off!”

Moderator’s Comment: What do you think of Asda’s joke
experiment and retailers’ use of PA systems in general?

We hope the polar bear and penguin joke is not a good
example of what consumers will be hearing as they walk the aisles in Asda. If
it is, the sound store managers will be hearing will be groans, not giggles.
Anderson – Moderator

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