APA Wants Kids Ads Restricted

Feb 25, 2004
George Anderson

By George Anderson

The American Psychological Association (APA) is recommending advertising targeted to children under the age of eight be restricted.

According to a six member Task Force of experts in child development, cognitive psychology and social psychology, “children under the age of eight lack the cognitive development
to understand the persuasive intent of television advertising and are uniquely susceptible to advertising’s influence.”

The result, contends the panel, is children under eight are more likely to develop unhealthy habits such as eating foods with excessive amounts of sugar and fat.

Moderator’s Comment: Should the content of commercials be more formally restricted on
programs with a large audience of children under the age of eight?

Of course, if there aren’t any commercials then there isn’t any television. Oh no, check that, there is PBS. Oh no, not really, PBS has commercials now
too, doesn’t it?
Anderson – Moderator

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