Americans Demand Laws to Combat Corruption

Jul 29, 2002

The latest Harris Poll finds that Americans have little faith in corporate leadership, reports The Wall Street Journal. The poll reveals that 68 percent of respondents felt senior executives were less trustworthy than they had been 10 years ago.

The latest survey, taken from a nationwide cross section of 1,010 adults and conducted between July 18 – 22, found that 82 percent believe that tough new laws are necessary to battle corporate corruption, as seen in the scandals involving WorldCom Corp., Enron Corp. and other corporations.

As for whether the corporate scandals were hitting home, only a quarter of those surveyed believed the scandals had a direct impact on them or their families. However, 45 percent of respondents believed the corporate meltdowns would impact them personally in the future.

Moderator Comment: Are corporate executives less trustworthy today than they were 10 years ago?

No, they’re just not as good in avoiding getting caught.
Anderson – Moderator

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