Acetaminophen Overdose Warning Issued

Dec 17, 2002
George Anderson

By George Anderson

Reuters Health reports that overdoses from products containing acetaminophen are responsible for 39% of acute liver failure cases in the US.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that cases of acetaminophen overdose generally fall into two categories. A person uses multiple products not knowing they include acetaminophen or they exceed recommended doses believing it will work faster.

Moderator’s Comment: Two Questions–

  1. Have these findings made you rethink your position
    on controversial ingredients such as ephedra?

  2. Are accidental overdoses simply a consumer issue
    or is there more that manufacturers and/or retailers should be doing?

OTC remedies and supplements don’t kill people. People
that don’t read labels or ignore them kill themselves. The acetaminophen findings
provide one of the strongest arguments for not banning products with ephedra
we’ve seen. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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