A Buck Travels Far At The Dollar Store

Jun 30, 2003
George Anderson

By George Anderson

An article in the Miami Herald asks the question, “What can a buck buy?”

As the reporter and numerous consumers have found out, the answer is quite a lot if you’re shopping in one of the dollar stores that are popping up in communities coast-to-coast.

The Miami Herald found items such as picture frames and candle holders that its reporter claimed would cost up to $10 in other retail outlets.

Moderator’s Comment: Do dollar stores need to make
changes to format (store size, etc.) or product offerings to continue growing
at their current rate? Where do you see the greatest opportunities for growth?

Consumers are practically giddy about finding a bargain
on almost anything. Recently, we attended a party comprised mostly of adults
40 to 65 with household incomes that would put them at the top of the economic
ladder. One of the most enthusiastic discussions was about the deals a number
of partygoers had found at the local dollar store.

Anderson – Moderator

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