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Wendall Godwinsson

Customer Service Associate, Lowe's HIW
Have worked retail most of my 55 year work life so far, also worked in the trades and heavy construction, and in manufacturing management. I do have a 4-year BS in Business Management, but prefer direct customer contact.
  • Posted on: 03/27/2019

    Is Lowe’s doing it right with its new tagline?

    There are more than a few of us on the sales floor who do have rather complete conversations with the customer and make sure they get what they need to do the job. The last e-team did try an assortment of work clothes and boots. They sold when they went on clearance.
  • Posted on: 03/27/2019

    Is Lowe’s doing it right with its new tagline?

    The "Help People Love Where They Live" thing was really meaningless. I get blank stares from management when I ask how we can guarantee the customer a 100% satisfactory experience when we do not own the entire process at store level, once the product is in our inventory. Things like deliveries and installations that were once managed at store level have been taken away, and all we can do now is apologize when something goes wrong, as there is no local control.
  • Posted on: 03/27/2019

    Is Lowe’s doing it right with its new tagline?

    As a long time Lowe's employee, I think we should still be using "Improving Home Improvement." It was concise and on message. I will agree with other comments that the new executive team seems to be too enamored with our larger competitor with the better metrics. I think they need to keep an eye on HD, but concentrate on building a better Lowe's, not a knock off. I also think the new executive team has done well to divest us of poor investment under the previous E-team. Need to look back at what made Lowe's a success, tings like special order product displays and paper catalogs. Even with the advent of all the electronic devices, people want to look before they buy. I had a customer a couple days ago complain that with changes Lowe's is making to its merchandising standards in the store, thought he was at "Ollie's Bargain Barn" for a few minutes.
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