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Thomas Patchin

EVP of Business Development
Loyalty Consulting Expert with 20 years of marketing experience.
  • Posted on: 11/15/2017

    Yes, retailers can also reward non-transactional behaviors

    Loyalty is a journey, not a destination! Brands need to understand that customers want to interact and engage with brands in the manner they prefer and place tremendous value to brands that recognize and engage in a manner the customers prefer. This requires both a holistic and granular approach to include non-transactional behaviors. Reminding customers and rewarding them for interacting with the brand in their preferred manner reinforces the customer behavior that they have made the right choice by choosing the brand. That reminder or reward demonstrates the loyalty of the brand to that individual customer and the customer is loyal to the brand.
  • Posted on: 07/13/2017

    Will more customer rewards lift J.C. Penney’s sales?

    Loyalty programs are not about discounts! The fundamentals of loyalty are knowing your customer, demonstrating you know your customer and providing something of value for the program. That value does not have to be only discounts; it can be preferred access and personalized experiences. Is the brand able to cut back or limit the mass-market offers because of this increased reinvestment with known customers? This could be very valuable to brands and to consumers who want to be known and are willing to shift their spending if they receive more than just discounts. Loyalty is strategy supported by a complete 360 degree view of the customer.
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