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Scott Norris

Channel Development Manager
  • Posted on: 05/11/2018

    Etsy succeeds with its Amazon-opposite approach

    Amazon Handmade had a big booth at last month's American Craft Council convention here in St. Paul, trying to get producers to sign up. And a whole lot of nobody stopping at it, even to pick up swag bags.
  • Posted on: 05/10/2018

    DSW’s rewards program includes ‘emotional experiences’

    I like the fit-profile idea -- and let's extend that to actual shoe SKUs. Shopping for myself, when I find something that fits well and has style I like, I want to know I can always get it when replacement time comes. Yet shoe manufacturers keep swapping out men's styles (but WHY?). I want DSW to be able to tell Rockport, etc, that their customer profile wants XX type of shoe in YY size and buys it with ZZ frequency. Time for fashion to listen to intelligent customer demand signals, instead of telling us what we have to choose from!
  • Posted on: 04/12/2018

    Is product discovery now the biggest pain point for mobile buys?

    "Stumble-upon marketing" is exactly what I call brick-and-mortar product discovery, and it's where all the magic happens. How are you going to find a product category you never knew existed but you absolutely need? Merchant websites are great for giving you what you explicitly ask for, but are horrible at showing you what you didn't know about (even Netflix and especially Amazon.) When I ran an office-supply/education-supply/art-supply store, my best nights were Friday and Saturday, because the line to get into the restaurant down the mall backed up to my store entrance, and people wandered around with time to kill. Whenever I heard, "I didn't know this was a thing; my daughter needs it!" I knew I'd already made a sale -- and I set up my endcaps and wall displays to give more visibility to those kinds of products. Can't see that on or because they don't know what you as a shopper don't know....
  • Posted on: 02/20/2018

    Will parents and kids go for healthier Happy Meals?

    Reducing the portion size of fries makes a lot of sense -- why not also reduce the size for regular portions by, say, 10 percent? I don't know if anyone would even notice the difference, but it could have a huge effect on all our waistlines as well as franchisee profits.
  • Posted on: 02/07/2018

    Macy’s launches in-store pop-up concept for brands

    I'd also wonder why the Mall of America wasn't included -- except that the mall itself did it with RAAS Local Market just outside the entrance to Nordstrom (in the space Willams-Sonoma abandoned). About a dozen local brands from apparel to food to gifts each took about 100 square feet each. The food vendors are even using the kitchen area that was left behind. Great concept for holiday shopping and ideally placed to appeal to Super Bowl visitors!
  • Posted on: 01/29/2018

    Are marketers ignoring female Baby Boomers?

    This Gen X'er is putting another bag of popcorn in the microwave to sit back and watch yet another episode of the Boomer-Millennial battle. It's actually kind of nice to truly be able to ignore all TV and space advertising. And we'll never have to vomit when we hear one of our favorite songs be used to promote products for incontinence or estate planning. (Tears for Fears: "Shout, Shout, gets it all out / these are the stains we can do without / come on, I'm talking grape juice / come on) That's right, marketers, just keep leaving us alone -- it isn't like we're having to simultaneously do the planning homework (and literal gruntwork) for our parents' real estate moves and post-retirement insurance while also raising Gen Z & figuring out their high-school and college needs & expenses. We'll just keep getting the work done behind the scenes, ignored, like we've always done.
  • Posted on: 01/24/2018

    New store concept is next step in Dunkin’ rebranding

    I've made the mistake of ordering Dunkin' coffee at airport locations twice. Too hot to drink before boarding, flavorless, had to toss out. Cold beverages, fine, but only if there's no other nearby alternative.
  • Posted on: 01/24/2018

    It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s an electric, driverless concept vehicle!

    Wise elected officials would be embracing the opportunity to create clear, evolutionary requirements for autonomous vehicles and "smart roads/smart grids" -- and investing in infrastructure now while interest rates are still at historic lows. The more modes are available, the more resilient and entrepreneurial our economy can be ...
  • Posted on: 01/22/2018

    Amazon Go goes live

    There are still loads of problems in getting single-product descriptions standardized and current, correct product images rolled out across 3rd-party distributors, web service platforms, and major retailers today! And we've only had 20 years to agree on a common language there....
  • Posted on: 12/14/2017

    San Francisco limits robots on its sidewalks

    The model would look more like a UPS or FedEx truck today -- one (presumably self-driving) delivery truck driving from stop to stop with one or two package-handling drones to unload and deliver at each stop. To your point, use the best vehicle with the most consolidation along the shortest route.
  • Posted on: 11/16/2017

    Will breakfast at Tiffany’s attract Millennials in search of ‘Instagrammable’ experiences?

    I suspect we are missing the mark in talking about Millennials -- Lee's comment about it being "touristy" is closer - this move is perfect perfect for small international tour groups coming to NYC and wanting to combine iconic attractions with high-end shopping for one-of-a-kind merchandise not available in Hong Kong, London or Dubai.
  • Posted on: 11/13/2017

    Are data sharing concerns still holding back true personalization?

    I've seen it in text messaging, too -- even when I had yet not begun searching, but was just chatting about it with my wife.
  • Posted on: 09/22/2017

    Hilton Honors members go shopping with points on Amazon

    Likewise, I opened up my Hilton app immediately after reading the article. I have 23,000 points banked -- not enough to cover a family vacation, and only worth $46 at Amazon. Sigh ... #demotivated
  • Posted on: 09/15/2017

    Kitchen 1883 may be a new platform for Kroger’s growth

    Byerly's restaurant & coffee shop was open till midnight or even later (possibly even 24 hours?) when I was in college in the 1980s, long after the store had closed -- quality food at a reasonable price from their in-house catering department, great coffee, a solid place for families, late-night study sessions, or taking a date.... Come to think of it, I had a few early-morning meetings there too!
  • Posted on: 09/15/2017

    Kitchen 1883 may be a new platform for Kroger’s growth

    And Twin Cities-based Red Owl was doing it successfully 60 years ago!
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