Sebastien dimichele

Co-Founder, Marketing Director
  • Posted on: 07/09/2019

    Does blockchain face scalability limitations?

    Blockchain isn't yet ready to be fully adopted, as most blockchains are not providing scalable solutions (private blockchains aren't blockchains, centralized servers are better used for those use cases). However, there are some great advancements going on currently in the industry. Syscoin Z-DAG is the only technology that is claiming high TPS (currently over 60K TPS) that has been tested by a third party ( The project has had its main net released since 2014. The recent upgrade to Syscoin 4.0 is also providing Ethereum smart contracts this scalability, helping the entire ecosystem. Z-DAG is patent pending, created by Blockchain Foundry Inc. exclusively for Syscoin. The Whiteblock TPS results press release. And third party analysis by Whiteblock.
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