Peter Charness

Retail Strategy - UST Global

Peter Charness is a software/retail executive with significant experience (domestic and international) in innovating solutions for the retail and CPG industries.

As a CEO, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer, Peter excels at revenue generation through areas such as, product management, product marketing and development, positioning, lead generation, Marcom and business/sales development. He is also experienced in mergers and acquisitions and partnerships

As a VP of Logisitics and Technology (CIO) Successful history of providing the right leadership and experience for inventory management and optimization for the Retail supply chain.

Specialties include:

Industry leading experience and capabilities in all manners of solutions for retailers and CPG Companies.

Particular emphasis on inventory optimization, retail ERP, merchandise planning and inventory management, POS and store operations, CRM and category management.

Significant depth in business intelligence, product management, product marketing, industry marketing, and inventory management.

  • Posted on: 03/08/2021

    Does make sense as a separate business?

    In an era of a unified customer experience and unified commerce, this move seems to be a step in the wrong direction. Whatever the cooperation intended between the two groups is -- when there's a fast seller or a markdown to be had, who takes it?
  • Posted on: 03/04/2021

    Is Texas messing with retailers?

    As a retailer, good luck trying to enforce a store-only mask mandate in Texas when the governor has said it's not needed. Without commenting on the wisdom of the governor's decision (OK I have to, the word "wisdom" shouldn't even be in the same sentence as his move) it puts the retailers who want to enforce mask mandates in-store in an impossible and potentially dangerous situation.
  • Posted on: 03/02/2021

    Is off-mall where it’s at?

    It depends -- if you are a destination store then convenience is critical, so off-mall with easy parking works. If you need drive by/walk by traffic not so much. And as others have pointed out there's a weather dependency in the mix.
  • Posted on: 03/01/2021

    Do rivals need to follow Costco’s minimum wage lead right now?

    I hope so, because the model today is the employer pays a living wage and gets the best employees who have time and focus to contribute, or the employer pays a minimal wage ... AND the government provides a subsidy through a myriad of programs, and the employee is less able to contribute.
  • Posted on: 03/01/2021

    Automated checkout ‘will be everywhere’ sooner rather than later

    It's a ways out. I don't think anyone has yet done a full sized grocery store, with a complete range of products, and at a reasonable investment cost against that model. Seems so far that the technology can support a relatively small space with a limited product set. Like everything else, it will get cheaper and more capable ... when that time will come is a tough estimate.
  • Posted on: 02/26/2021

    Is it the right time to reopen food bars?

    The world does not always operate by logic and rational thinking. I can't see how self serve buffets can be reopened anywhere, anytime soon. This means for me "portion control" and restraint have finally been taken out of my undisciplined hands. An unintended benefit.
  • Posted on: 02/24/2021

    Can making deliveries once a week make e-commerce sustainable and more profitable?

    The lowest cost to the customer is a straight line to their homes, ideally with a delivery service that is working a route that includes stopping at their neighbors. I don't see how a shipment hop to a consolidation site with associated handling from retailer bulk ship to Olive, and repicking and packing to get it to the consumer is going to make things more profitable. I also hate the cardboard overflow, Amazon should be capable of a "recycle" pick up while they drop off my weekly delivery.
  • Posted on: 02/19/2021

    Are current supply chain bottlenecks a bigger deal than normal?

    With everything out of kilter at the same time -- weather, covid, supply chain disruptions -- I'm sure the throughput is lower than at any other time. And in the absence of any facts or information to support my view, I have this suspicion that our underinvestment in infrastructure is also coming home to roost, with less flex capacity as an outcome of poor investment choices.
  • Posted on: 02/16/2021

    Digital gains are changing how Best Buy puts its associates to work

    I'd have thought that more digital online/chat help would necessitate more associates being available, but I guess the numbers don't add up. Pursuing customer-facing retail as a career is certainly in a downward spiral.
  • Posted on: 02/15/2021

    Are huge marketplace seller aggregators a good thing for Amazon and retail?

    I would think that Amazon can and will quickly offer more for fee services to smaller retailers as the aggregators show that retailers will pay. I'm not sure that there's a sustainable value proposition here.
  • Posted on: 02/10/2021

    Clothing retailers are trying to cut their way to higher profits

    Some day it will be acceptable to do a quarterly review that says:
    1. We planned down 10%;
    2. We achieved our planned lower sales, with associated costs and margins as per plan;
    3. Intentionally, we didn't chase winners and missed out in some high growth categories by choosing to stay on the sidelines, and "ignored" some large potential increases.
  • Posted on: 02/05/2021

    The retail apocalypse didn’t happen last year, despite the coverage

    The "store" has it's place in retail, as does a cell phone, a fulfillment center, a Prime delivery truck, and a website. The balance between all of the mediums that shoppers use has changed dramatically. Predicting the number of stores and in-store experience is like looking at the door handles on a car and trying to determine how fast that car can go. Predicting what might happen has to also focus on relevant values -- in this case total retail sales. Then the accountability on what did happen becomes useful.
  • Posted on: 02/05/2021

    Are U.S. manufacturing sources an absolute necessity for American retailers today?

    Manufacturing went "global" because it offered lowest cost product to the consumer, presumably to acceptable quality standards. Post-pandemic (yes there will be such a time) with a large and unequal portion of consumers having lower disposable income, and the supply lines flowing properly again, one has to wonder -- why wouldn't manufacturing retrace it's lowest cost of production steps? Some product may benefit from smaller quantity, local production with higher retail pricing, but globalization happened because it made economic sense and benefited the shopper.
  • Posted on: 02/01/2021

    Do retailers need to further commit to free delivery?

    Perhaps the longer term difference will be between free shipping (part of cogs), and "fast" shipping a paid service if you want your item even sooner than free. Even though I pay for Amazon "free" with my prime membership, there are plenty of opportunities to also pay for fast.
  • Posted on: 02/01/2021

    What does GameStop’s wild stock ride mean for retail?

    I somehow expect that for the long-term investors, these massive stock movements will be short term blips along otherwise slower/steadier trendlines. Can this market though really be a place for "investors" to methodically build portfolios and at the same time host momentum traders?

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