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  • Posted on: 03/20/2020

    Will GameStop lose more than it wins keeping stores open during the coronavirus outbreak?

    No different than regular citizens go to the store, the CDCs guidelines have been clear, you can still go out, just practice social distancing, they even gave restaurant guidelines for reduced capacity, operate at 50%, seat every other table in a checkerboard pattern, guests 6 feet apart. The provisions beyond that, shutting everything down is a local/state decision.
  • Posted on: 03/20/2020

    Will GameStop lose more than it wins keeping stores open during the coronavirus outbreak?

    I wish to remain anonymous but I'm on the front lines in the stores, and have several members of my family that work for GameStop. It has been clearly articulated that anyone who doesn't feel safe can stay home with no penalties, and they will not lose their job. We buy a lot of our own supplies already and expense them, so this isn't new for us to buy supplies. We do sell products like keyboards, mice, cameras, chat headsets that keep people connected. We employ thousands of people including a lot you don't see behind the scenes supporting us at the stores. We're trying to keep those people employed so they can pay their bills. We are doing things to keep our employees safe; the internal employee communication has been plentiful on the actions taken by our corporate office. We do enforce social distancing in the stores. My sister works for the corporate office and they are letting people work from home. When they do have to be in the office they limit the conference room attendees to 10. My son works in our refurbishment operations and daughter in our Distribution Center and they are allowed to take personal leave if they want, or just call in with no penalty. Everything is getting deep cleaned every day. How is this different than other retailers staying open? Do you really need those craft supplies at Hobby Lobby? What about those shoes or clothes? Where we live no retailer has been ordered to shutdown.
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