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Mike Olson

  • Posted on: 11/17/2017

    Indie retailers can survive – even thrive – during the holidays

    One thing I don't understand is why some people want to put down QR codes even before trying to use them. QR Codes and AR codes are not really related. If you look at what's happening in mobile today, QR codes provide the bridge between the offline and the world of content online. Using QR codes can be a good way to provide easy access to lots of online info and offers which can be used as a way to get shoppers to bring the codes in-store after they buy online and want to pick-up purchases in store, rather than having delivery. This is what they call omnichannel and why Apple decided you shouldn't have to use a QR code app to scan codes. QR Code reader is now native using iOS 11: point your camera at a QR code and you will see the content in your Safari browser. Simple. If you look at the big picture, QR codes failed the first time due to some people not using them correctly. Now that nearly everyone has a smartphone, QR codes are the most logical way to connect offline to online for both content and commerce. You may have heard of Snapchat, Pin Codes or the Shopify Codes which are all custom branded QR codes? The fact is that you can't print a beacon (hardware) and QR codes don't really cost anything. What's not to like?
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