Min-Jee Hwang

Director of Marketing, Wiser Solutions, Inc.
Min-Jee Hwang is the Director of Marketing at Wiser Solutions, Inc. Wiser is the leading provider of actionable data for better decisions. She develops market positioning and strategy for Wiser’s solutions, which cover the spectrum of pricing, merchandising, and promotions for retailers and brands.

With over 5 years of working in the retail SaaS solution space, she has expertise in eCommerce data analytics, market trends, retail intelligence, and more. She led the Marketing team through an acquisition by Quad Analytix in 2016 and a merger with an in-store retail solutions company in 2017.

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  • Posted on: 08/10/2018 to offer easier returns for marketplace purchases

    This change should help Walmart attract both third-party sellers and customers, but it won’t necessarily be a game-changer for them as they compete with Amazon. Among many things, Amazon does a great job of offering the widest selection of products at the best prices. Walmart’s new return policy will get them closer, but only incrementally. The challenge now for Walmart is getting return rates down, as this change could lead to an increase in that area, similar to what Amazon sees.
  • Posted on: 08/09/2018

    Consortium is made-to-order for people who want customized brands

    Consumers have always been on the lookout for a way to make the shopping experience their own, including through customized products. I think customized beauty and fashion products is a trend that will continue, just not at scale. It’s good to see it happen with the Consortium at pop-up stores, as that can test the waters. Like with most things retail, cost and convenience for consumers will either grow this trend or shrink it.
  • Posted on: 08/08/2018

    Report says voice commerce is all talk

    Voice shopping could one day be a part of the omnichannel experience, but it doesn’t feel like that day is soon. Other omnichannel developments, even eCommerce itself, were grounded in the convenience offered to shoppers. I just don’t see that same offer here, especially now. Perhaps voice shopping will eventually simplify some part of the experience, but at the moment voice is better for the simpler commands than as a buying tool.
  • Posted on: 08/07/2018

    Fred’s amps up the treasure hunt

    Fred’s strategy really takes dynamic pricing to a whole new level. As any retailer knows, pricing is a major part of what gets shoppers in the door. It’s intriguing that Fred’s is taking the treasure hunt concept to an extreme, but the real challenge will be keeping customers coming back once the shine wears off. That hinges on a good inventory and a willingness to slash prices, which can work for a company like Fred’s but may not for others.
  • Posted on: 08/06/2018

    Will in-home 3D scanner drive online clothing sales?

    The price of this product will be the biggest hurdle for now, but a lack of interested retailers and privacy concerns will also likely hold back adoption. However, the concept is a good one, which is to improve the omnichannel clothes-buying experience. I just see this type of technology being used more in-store, as retailers install them and allow shoppers to scan themselves, upload their scans to their user profiles and use that info to buy in-store, online, and whenever they want.
  • Posted on: 08/06/2018

    Walmart looks to automate grocery pick-up

    Alphabot is an exciting trend in omnichannel grocery, especially for an industry that is so challenging to expanding into eCommerce. The in-store buying experience, and being able to see and feel food before purchase is still preferable to so many. At the very least, Alphabot will allow Walmart to continue to innovate omnichannel grocery and hopefully improve the shopper experience in addition to their own margins. However, it’s always tricky when it comes to food, and their personal shoppers are going to have be diligent in selecting the best produce or risk turning away customers.
  • Posted on: 08/06/2018

    Wayfair to open its first brick & mortar store

    I’ve seen a lot of companies learning the value of the omnichannel experience. It’s no surprise that Wayfair is going this way too, although it is noteworthy that they’re such an integral eCommerce player. More shoppers today want an omnichannel path to purchase, especially for big-ticket items like furniture. They want to see it and try it in-person before buying, or research online and then travel to a store to complete the purchase. This move allows Wayfair to capitalize on that.
  • Posted on: 07/17/2018

    Nike launches digitally-led store

    Combining technology with human experience is the perfect omnichannel effort to enhance the shopper's in-store experience. All of the features that Nike has integrated into Nike Live, such as Swoosh Text and Scan, will make their loyal customer base excited to shop with Nike while driving up competition between other athletic companies. The modern concept of the retail "service hubs" is something more retailers should embrace. Service hubs make the shopping experience consumer focused while targeting the emotions of the customer. In this day and age, convenience is key. If you can make shopping easier for consumers, then they will continue to purchase your products and eventually become loyal to your brand. Although Nike is just using pre-existing digital technology and repurposing it, rather than being innovative, Nike Live is still going to be very popular among shoppers and will continue to boost sales due to the unique experience customers are provided when they shop.
  • Posted on: 07/17/2018

    Target offers discounts as teachers prep for back-to-school

    Targeting teachers for back to school sales is a great opportunity to reach out to a niche market, but this strategy may fall more towards being a goodwill opportunity. Regardless, it's important that retailers support teachers, schools, and education by offering discounts such as these. When retailers support what their customers are passionate about, they will succeed. Large companies who support the education system have important implications on our society as well. Not many brands have made a large effort in offering discounts to teachers, so Target used this marketing opportunity geared towards teachers to promote positive publicity which will also increase sales in the long run.
  • Posted on: 07/17/2018

    Walmart and Microsoft team up to slow Amazon’s roll

    The announcement of Walmart and Microsoft joining forces before Amazon Prime Day is a strategic move. This unique partnership between a successful brick-and-mortar and a technology powerhouse will both challenge and threaten Amazon's web services. With these two companies working together to actively compete against Amazon, there's implications of a new era of customer experience in the retail industry. With Microsoft, Walmart will now have access to strategies that enable technology to be integrated into the overall Walmart experience for both the employees and the customers. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction, streamlined company processes, capitalization on data, and offering management the ultimate position to make well-informed decisions based on company data. Retail is trending towards omnichannel shopping experiences. This means that the Microsoft-Walmart partnership is not only a huge lunge at Amazon, but it may also prompt future partnerships from other brands down the road.
  • Posted on: 07/12/2018

    Hershey figures out what drives impulse purchases in stores

    Retailers should be appealing to human emotions in their promotions because the shopping experience is an emotional one. Hershey's has done a wonderful job of breaking down the "eight human truths" that are factored into making a purchase decision. Which of the eight truths is most important to the retailer in driving impulse purchases, depends on the market. For instance, allowing the customer to "indulge" is going to be most influential in food related businesses while "delight" may be more impactful for tech and "score" may work best for apparel. Overall, I think reminding the customer of things they may have forgotten and inspiring them to explore the store are going to be the most important qualities for driving impulsive purchases.
  • Posted on: 07/12/2018

    Will lockers transform Home Depot’s BOPIS operations?

    Home Depot's locker BOPIS strategy is going to be appealing to some customers, but not to all. The lockers are a great way for shoppers to quickly pick up small, home goods products and not have to worry about getting lost in the huge warehouse. However, Home Depot is known for having large and bulky products, the type of products that definitely won't fit into a locker. The lockers may also decrease impulse purchases by customers who are wandering around the store looking for products. Overall, the lockers are going to be good for Home Depot. They will give the brand a competitive edge over Lowe's, Mernard's, and other competitors while decreasing shopper wait time and some labor costs. Manual assistance will still be needed for a majority of larger home goods items but adding BOPIS to their business model will enhance the customer experience and therefore satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Posted on: 07/12/2018

    Nordstrom opening more Local stores without inventory

    Nordstrom's boldness and willingness to experiment with unique business models that improve the customer's shopping experience is setting it apart from competitors. The appeal of the Nordstrom Local hub concept is that the entire shopping experience is personalized. It's customized shopping, which is the current trend in the marketplace. If more brands had the means and customer loyalty that Nordstrom is notorious for, we'd see a lot more creativity like this in the retail industry in regards to redefining the shopping experience. The key to success in this situation is taking risks and not being afraid to fail. Even if the Nordstrom Local hub doesn’t end up resonating with customers, Nordstrom can learn from their mistakes and take their brand down a different path, which could have large implications.
  • Posted on: 07/12/2018

    Is real-time order tracking becoming table stakes for e-tailers?

    Real-time tracking is definitely a step in the right direction for retailers who are looking to compete with Amazon. With the rise of consumer demands to track the exact location of their package, a retailer who adds this aspect to their business would outperform competitors. Customers want their products fast. But they also want quality and care in the delivery. Installing real-time tracking is reassuring to the customer. Ensuring that products are delivered in a timely manner and that they're not damaged are fundamental elements of keeping a loyal customer happy. However time and quality go hand in hand. A quickly delivered but damaged product results in an upset shopper who may not return. The same goes for a product that is delivered way past its deadline.
  • Posted on: 07/12/2018

    Amazon lowballs CVS and Walgreens on OTC med prices

    The low prices Amazon is offering on over-the-counter medicines will ultimately give the company a significant advantage in the drug market. Amazon is offering its medicine at a substantially lower price, which will keep shoppers coming back to purchase the medication they need. Amazon's customers are loyal because they can get everything they may need on one site. CVS and Walgreens won't be able to compete with Amazon's low prices at the end of the day, so they will need to reassure customers of their brand value by emphasizing proximity, convenience, and customer service.

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