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Michael Terpkosh

President, City Square Partners LLC
A Wholesale, Retail and Supply-Chain Leader with demonstrated success developing and executing strategic initiatives in category strategy, merchandising, marketing, and consumer insights. Strong record creating innovative programs to meet the challenges of ever-changing industries. Experience consulting with manufacturers and retailers domestic and abroad. Leader of many company-wide initiatives delivering enhanced business efficiencies while creating new sources of company revenue. Managed teams from 12 to 175 associates locate across the United States.
  • Posted on: 06/11/2019

    Nestle, Kellogg’s and others dump their DSD routes

    I am interested in the impact on these companies moving away from DSD and the expectation that most/all of their SKUs will be added into wholesale and retail warehouses. Frozen space is especially a premium and the impact of a Nestlé moving away from frozen distribution via DSD may create a huge reduction on their SKU mix at retail given tight warehouse space. I remember when Kellogg made this move with their cookie/cracker business. Kellogg was not happy by the reduced numbers of SKUs accepted into warehouses and the reduced points of distribution.
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