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Director of Marketing, Engage3
Marielle has spent her career helping companies develop their value proposition and go-to-market strategies for a wide range of products and services. As Director of Marketing at Engage3, Marielle is responsible for overall branding, content strategy, and demand generation. Prior to Engage3, Marielle was founder of Balikbayan Gear, a private label development company for the largest retail chains in the Philippines. This included SM, Rustans, Ace Hardware, True-Value, Kultura, Robinsons Department Stores and National Book Stores. She also co-founded MarketingValet, a 40-people offshore creative agency that produced marketing campaigns for Google, Adobe, Agilent, and Verizon Wireless. She was recognized for these two companies by being chosen as one of the Top Ten Entrepreneurs in 2008 by Entrepreneur Magazine, Philippine edition. Before venturing out on her own, Marielle spent most of her early marketing career in senior marketing and product management positions in Silicon Valley: as part of the release team for web.sql, the industry’s first tool to generate dynamic web pages from a database, and as part of the strategic team for XML for data warehousing at database companies Sybase (SAP), and Informix (IBM), respectively. Marielle is a member of the Forbes Communications Council. In her free time, Marielle runs the CCC Hula Fellowship Group in Sacramento. She is also mom to local band “The College Fund Street Band” (, and raises three egg-laying chickens in her backyard. Marielle received her B.S. in Commerce from De La Salle University in Manila and her MBA from Pepperdine University in Southern California.
  • Posted on: 10/28/2020

    Can Target assure customers they’ll be safe shopping for the holidays?

    I was able to try Target’s curbside delivery last month, when shopping for a Razor scooter for my daughter’s birthday. Here’s my experience: 1. There was plenty of parking spots dedicated to the service, and it was very intuitive to just park in a spot and send a note to the store to notify them of my arrival. 2. As soon as I parked however, there was some confusion because I received a reply note to indicate that I’ve already received my order (which I obviously haven’t) thanking me for placing my order! 3. I waited for about 5 more minutes and looked at the other people parked in the zone, and they didn’t seem to be getting their packages either, so I gave Target the benefit of the doubt. Note that I was tempted to just call Customer Service to let them know that I have not received my package. 4. After another 10 minutes or so, an associate did come out and started asking each driver which items were theirs. He was very polite, opened my trunk, and loaded my scooter, and thanked me for my order. All in all, this safe experience was excellent with the slight concern as noted in #2 above. Further room for improvement for Target: 1. Consider updating the status of the pickup AFTER the associate comes back into the store, not before. 2. Not to sound too paranoid, but the associate just asked which item was mine, no proof needed. I appreciate Target trusting their customers, but this might get them into trouble for multiple or similar orders later. 3. Hospital-grade air filters - I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago about how people are, more than ever, paying attention to the air they breathe - and for retailers to consider installing air filters in their stores, especially with the new CDC announcement that the COVID-19 virus is airborne. It’s nice to know that innovative retailer, Lidl, just announced this new store feature to protect not only their guests, but also their employees. There is no Lidl in my shopping area, but if there was, it would certainly push them to the top of my retailer list to shop!
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