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Certified Speaking Professional Mel Kleiman is North America’s leading authority on how best to recruit, select, and retain top-quality, hourly employees and their managers.

A renowned consultant, speaker, author, business owner, and trainer for over 30 years, Mel is also the founder and president of Humetrics, a leading developer of systems, training processes, and tools for recruiting, selecting, and retaining an exceptional workforce.

A demonstrated leader in HR thought, Mel has authored numerous research studies and white papers. His articles have appeared in dozens of trade and professional journals. Mel’s books include the bestselling Hire Tough, Manage Easy; as well as 267 Hire Tough Interview Questions; 180 Ways to Build a Magnetic Culture; Recruit Smarter, Not Harder; and So, You Got the Job…..Now What?

Mel earned the prestigious National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional designation in 1996 and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management.

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  • Posted on: 08/15/2019

    New site wants to make independent grocery jobs into careers

    Great idea and parts of it could be useful. But I would not look at is as a hiring tool I would look at it as a retention too. Recruiting is an individual store problem and not something that is going to be solved by another job board. The site could be a great retention tool if the educational portion of the site is any good. One of the key motivators every employee is looking for is a chance to grow and learn. This site could be a great benefit to the independent operator because it gives them a training platform for employees.
  • Posted on: 08/06/2019

    CVS subscription program goes big to outdo Amazon Prime

    Nice play if they can get rid of the image of being overpriced. The 20 percent discount just reinforces the message to non-members that they are paying too much for CVS brands when they buy them in the store.
  • Posted on: 08/05/2019

    Will outsourcing jobs help Lowe’s associates better serve customers in stores?

    All it is, is a bunch of PR talk. The jobs that are eliminated are not putting more associates on the floor to take care of the customer.
  • Posted on: 07/30/2019

    Can deepfake technology reduce retail returns without rattling reality?

    Going to take a totally different look at the technology. If it as life-like as they say ,I see it being used as a training tool where the presenter's look will be adapted to the audience. Much higher level of acceptance.
  • Posted on: 07/29/2019

    Has eBay created a viable alternative to Fulfillment by Amazon?

    Great move; it will open up the playing field and get more people to shop on eBay rather than just clicking on the Amazon button.
  • Posted on: 07/22/2019

    Should retailers hire more ex-cons?

    In today's tight labor market there are two groups that are grossly underemployed, yet when given the chance have proved to provide valuable employees. One is people with criminal records and the other are people with disabilities. Those employers who have learned to tap into these two groups have reaped tremendous benefits. There is a third opportunity that should not be overlooked, the WOTC.
  • Posted on: 07/12/2019

    Franchisees want McD’s to be more like Chick-fil-A

    Listen to your franchisees, they are listening to the market. I have compared both sandwiches and Chick-fil-A wins hands down.
  • Posted on: 07/12/2019

    Will free, same-day pickup give Sam’s Club the edge it has been looking for over Costco?

    A lot to say about nothing. This will not change the game and will not increase loyalty or give a non-member a reason to become a member.
  • Posted on: 07/09/2019

    Will a worker walkout put a kink in Amazon’s Prime Day results?

    Interesting comments from the entire panel. This could become a big deal if Amazon does not learn from the limited action and take steps to deal with the underlying problem. Employees want meaning in what they do and recognition for doing a good job. It is interesting to note that Walmart has finally learned the lesson and is beginning to reap the reward for having a positively motivated workforce. The other example is Costco, which has always put a premium on having great employees and empowering them to do their jobs.
  • Posted on: 07/02/2019

    Fashion seekers hunt for treasure in Costco’s warehouses

    Two points that I think are missed when we talk about Costco and clothing sales. One they are not in the apparel business, they are in the appeal business. Secondly their profit does not come from what they sell, it comes from membership fees. All they want is traffic that will buy and I don't think they care what you buy as long as they can offer value and create volume.
  • Posted on: 06/20/2019

    Kroger sees rivals’ one-hour delivery and raises it a half hour

    This sounds like a quick race to the bottom. Lots of promises but very hard to deliver. If you have been around as long as I have you will remember Domino's 30 minute delivery window. If it was sustainable it would still be around. Problem is getting it done in 30 minutes but the more important problem is the legal one caused by somebody driving to make the 30 minute window and having an accident. How many accidents and lawsuits will it take to stop the insanity?
  • Posted on: 06/17/2019

    Does self-checkout make sense for Costco?

    If you get this far in reading all of the comments you must really be interested in what the panel thinks. So here is my 2 cents. Open self-check out lanes but make sure they are limited to no more that 8 items. This is an arbitrary number.
  • Posted on: 06/13/2019

    Indochino bets big on showrooms

    I wish I had read this earlier so that I could have talked about how the quality of the service needs to meet or exceed the quality of the product. I have yet to figure out why every retailer in the country, no matter what the price point, has not figured out that the most important decision that a manager makes is who is allowed in the door to take care of the customer and how that person is trained.
  • Posted on: 06/04/2019

    Walmart to expand its talent pipeline with a debt-free college plan for high schoolers

    Walmart is making a great move to help them attract teenagers who have a high likelihood of being successful. One of the hidden benefits of the program is they will become an employer of choice among teenagers who will be dependable, reliable and want to grow because their parents will want them to go to work for Walmart and will have a vested interest in making sure they go to work and do a great job.
  • Posted on: 06/03/2019

    Experience is overrated, hire talent

    What test if any are you referring to?

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