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Max Retailer

  • Posted on: 03/11/2021

    Do Kroger’s chains have more to gain or lose from closing stores over ‘hero’ pay increases?

    Record sales have not been driven by frontline workers. According to an extensive survey of UK shoppers, of those who said they were spending more, 39 percent said it was because they were having to buy more expensive brands or types of products due to the lack of choice. Some 32 percent said they had to splash out more on groceries due to not eating out anymore whilst 29 percent said it was due to a lack of multi-buy promotions, which were stopped by many supermarkets at the start of the outbreak to help manage stock levels. Another 31 percent said they were consuming more in general after finding themselves comfort eating whilst 13 percent admitted treating themselves to pricier brands or product types which is likely due to some households having more disposable income. Another 26 percent said their increased bills were due to shopping in pricier convenience or independent stores since the lockdown began, perhaps as they were looking to travel to nearby shops instead of large supermarkets. Others have been stockpiling with 19 percent admitting they had been stocking up on food in case of future shortages. We can all agree that a survey done in the States would show like results.
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