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Mark Jackson

Retail Analyst
  • Posted on: 08/12/2016

    Will an online dollar store work?

    Yes, but it is cheaper to run a warehouse than a regular store.
  • Posted on: 08/12/2016

    Will an online dollar store work?

    The answer is yes! First, Hollar is not the first or only online dollar store so it has been proven. Dollar Fanatic, aka, is the first exclusively online dollar store and Hollar maybe the second or third but the concept works. Dollar Fanatic started out as the only exclusively online one dollar store but now it looks like about 25% of their products are over $1.00 each. If we are honest, Hollar has some pretty good deals that when you take shipping into account are some pretty great deals. Even Walmart charges shipping direct to your door so online dollar stores like Hollar and Dollar Fanatic are really good bargains. Lastly we can't expect everyone to beat Walmart's price on everything, so let's be real. The comparison should really be comparing Hollar and Dollar Fanatic to Amazon, and in my experience they blow Amazon out the water because especially Dollar Fanatic deals in lower priced products that Amazon doesn't really want to deal with. Lastly I think Hollar is going to make a huge mistake if they go the import route with generic brands. I understand many name brands are sold overseas, but at least they have some real controls. The straight cheap import route will really hurt them and then we may be down to just one online dollar store.
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