Liz Crawford

VP Planning, TPN Retail

Liz Crawford is the author of “The Shopper Economy” (McGraw-Hill), which won UK-based Expert Marketer Magazine’s Silver Award. She is currently VP Strategy at TPNRetail.

She brings over 20 years in brand management and consulting experience with a concentration in innovation. Her concept and new product launch, Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner, won the Edison Award for New Products. She has launched over a dozen new products into the CPG market.

Her clients over the years have included Publix Supermarkets, Bausch & Lomb, Kimberly Clark, Safeway, MeadWestVaco, Kraft, P&G, Dannon, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Nabisco, Colgate, Ford Motor, Pillsbury, and Lipton. Liz has experience conducting focus groups in Europe, China, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Morocco and throughout the U.S., reaching into a wide array of demographic and psychographic segments.

Liz has also contributed articles to numerous publications, including CBSMarketWatch, National Review Online, The Hub, Chain Drug Review and Shopper Marketing Magazine. She taught several semesters as an adjunct marketing professor at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and New York University’s Stern MBA program. She has an MBA from New York University and a BA in English from Columbia University.

Liz has been quoted in , BusinessWeek, Brandweek, Barron’s, Women’s Wear Daily, Fox News, ABC News, Public Radio, the Associated Press, Miami Herald, Sacramento Bee, Washington Times, Drug Store News, and New Products Magazine among others.

Liz Crawford is the author of “The Shopper Economy” (McGraw-Hill), which won UK-based Expert Marketer Magazine’s Silver Award.

  • Posted on: 03/05/2021

    Will Tonal shops help Nordstrom strengthen its fitness cred?

    This move does update Nordstorm's image, and these fitness brands reach to the same demographic. However there is a disconnect in shopper intention - am I going to Nordstrom for my fitness needs?
  • Posted on: 03/04/2021

    Is Texas messing with retailers?

    The governors who are lifting the mask bans are only paving the way for ugly clashes in retailers (who require them) and among citizens in general. Not everyone is vaccinated yet. New, more contagious strains are emerging. Retailers need to protect their workers first. Good luck with all that!
  • Posted on: 03/03/2021

    Will a third-party marketplace step up and give Amazon a run for its money?

    Sorry - Amazon Rules. It will only get to be more so the case because they have the resources and will continue to conquer. Their mission - "to help consumers find, discover and buy anything, and empower businesses and content creators to maximize their success" is something they take seriously. Be Afraid. Be very afraid.
  • Posted on: 03/02/2021

    Is off-mall where it’s at?

    Off-mall is definitely the future. Malls are not only hotbeds of germs and teenage shenanigans, they are also quite old-fashioned. They are very '80s. Stopping into a quick single category destination can fit in anyone's itinerary.
  • Posted on: 02/10/2021

    Will big food brands turn to home-delivered meals to drive future growth?

    Many CPG companies will cling to selling ingredients or one-off packaged foods. However beyond "the last mile," meal kits offer restaurant-style dining which may be difficult to achieve for many consumers. Savvy CPGs will enter the competition for total share of stomach, including take-out meals. Meal kits/meal delivery is a way to stay competitive as consumers move further and further from cooking with raw staples. (Note: some consumers are hobbyist scratch chefs -- but most love heat-n-eat!)
  • Posted on: 02/02/2021

    Will Allure editors outdo other beauty merchandisers with a new store concept?

    Allure has given its seal of approval on beauty products for years. Many shoppers look for that stamp when they are selecting products. The idea that there is a whole store devoted to these vetted products is tremendous for beauty junkies (and those simply seeking a nice face cream). It's as if Consumer Reports opened an electronics shop featuring its vetted products. Best of luck, Allure!
  • Posted on: 02/01/2021

    Do retailers need to further commit to free delivery?

    "Free delivery" will become part of the price of the product. This will be like getting a basket of bread before a meal. It's just what you do.
  • Posted on: 01/28/2021

    Will vaccine reluctant Americans slow the retail comeback from COVID-19?

    I don't believe that reluctant Americans will get the vaccine ... but I do believe that if we can achieve 50-60% immunization, then we will have wide-scale protection. Not 100% perfect protection, of course, but better. I also understand that these kinds of viruses mutate, requiring our health care system to continually evolve the vaccines -- just like they do for "ordinary" flu shots. This pandemic is a wake-up call to a new level of consciousness about transmittable diseases. Life will go on, but look a little different.
  • Posted on: 01/06/2021

    How did QR codes go from DOA to killer app?

    Consumers know what to do with a QR code. It makes sense to them. Also - a QR code is easy for a retailer or even mom-and-pop restaurant to use. The public has been trained to interact with this technology that links the physical and digital worlds - and that has paved the way to adoption.
  • Posted on: 01/05/2021

    Albertsons ditching in-house drivers to deliver online orders

    This makes sense. The delivery service companies have core competencies that are acquired over time. Ultimately, it's likely cheaper and more efficient to work with these area experts. Bravo Albertsons.
  • Posted on: 01/04/2021

    Will Giant Food’s shelf labels with diversity call-outs drive sales?

    Giant and brands in the respective categories are likely to see some switching behaviors. However the proof is in whether consumers enjoy them as much or more than their previously used products. I believe that while the labels may induce a round of trial, repeat is still about meeting or exceeding consumer expectations.
  • Posted on: 12/30/2020

    Will the FAA’s new rules speed commercialization of drones?

    Lights that can be seen for three miles -- ugh. Imagine the sky at night filled with drone lights. Imagine the potential for malicious or terrorist drones through neighborhoods. On the plus side is the reduction in the carbon footprint for delivery. Drone delivery is coming. I'm not sure that security measures are enough to safeguard us against visual pollution and malicious intrusion. I don't see rules in place for either of these problems.
  • Posted on: 11/12/2020

    Will Amazon’s Dash Smart Shelf drive auto-replenishment from SMBs and consumers?

    A version of this system has been used in hotel minibars for years. The system would notify the hotel that an item had been used. Will consumers go for this? I'm not so sure. It requires that the household be pretty darn organized and not place anything else on the scale. Will that happen with kids, teens and even some dads? I think it's great for business, not so great for consumer households.
  • Posted on: 11/11/2020

    Dick’s and Etsy’s Christmas spots deal with COVID-19 realities in different ways

    The Etsy spot (which I saw broadcast on television) struck me as depressing and even a bit pathetic, rather than heart-warming. The people in the ad seem defeated, while the gift from the grandchild seems like small comfort. I am a much bigger fan of the Dick's spot, which is more upbeat. But I enjoy holiday ads that make me smile, rather than mist-over.
  • Posted on: 11/10/2020

    Moms will decide how much holiday cheer retailers enjoy this year

    Of the 73.5 million moms, the 2 million who lost their jobs -- sadly -- are likely to be those who were most economically vulnerable before the pandemic. So how will female unemployment affect seasonal retail performance? The struggle of the unemployed moms may not be visible in most aggregate numbers. Only by parsing the data will we see the impact on those hurting.

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