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Principal, Your Retail Authority, LLC
Ms. Kent is Owner/Principal of Your Retail Authority, LLC. and creator of Retail’s former Social Network, She is recognized by retail industry insiders as an authority on retailing and is a seasoned user of new media strategies. Lee likes to talk and exchange ideas about retail particularly on the in-store path to purchase and customer experience design. Look for invitations from Lee to exclusive Retail executive events. You can find her opinions most days on the Retail Wire where she is happy to share her 2 cents. Lee's current practice focuses on uncovering a brands point of view, customer promises and ability to deliver on them through the creation and/or co-creation of thought leadership initiatives. In addition to talking endlessly about her passion, Retail, she has directed numerous consulting and strategic initiative engagements. Her clients have included world-renowned companies as well as software providers and start-ups. Lee has served as the NA Retail Industry Practice Leader for a major global managed services provider, Retail Technology Consulting Principal for a Big 4 consulting firm, Director Supplier Management and Integration for an e-commerce start-up venture, Director of Managed Services for a major retail company and has brought her subject matter expertise to smaller organizations in order to help them build strong retail practices. To learn more, visit Lee's LinkedIn profile...
  • Posted on: 02/14/2019

    Will Mastercard’s sonic identity connect with consumers on a new level?

    Yes, Nikki and Laura. I hear the bongs of Law and Order and think, Law and Order is on. Does it make me drop what I'm doing or choose Law and Order over something else? No. It's a nice awareness plug but that is about it. Perhaps with a little more thought, the concept can get us to buy or choose a brand but not yet. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 02/13/2019

    Will the new plan for Sears work any better than the previous ones?

    Frankly I do not call this "turning around Sears." He is going to change the name and hire a new CEO. Sounds like a new retail venture to me. Will it work? Not based on Mr. Lampert's track record IMHO and for my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 02/11/2019

    Are apps and voice assistants the keys to e-grocery adoption?

    What interests me here is that it does not appear the consumer is all that interested in online grocery. There are plenty of online list apps but the consumer says they still make lists. I know, I know, we didn't know we needed an smartphone before it came out either however some things may be best left in the store. If I were in grocery, I would look at the in-store shopping experience first and find ways the consumer would like to have their journeys enhanced. And that's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 02/07/2019

    J.C. Penney dumps appliances

    Even if we are thinking department store, many of us do not think appliances. That said, J.C. Penney's move toward appliances didn't seem to make a blip in the night. Dumping appliances sounds like a good move to me however, J.C. Penney still has a ways to go to define who they are. So much turnover in the past few years has done them no favors. The consumer has no idea who they are. Ms. Soltau has her hands full and I wish her all the luck and my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 01/31/2019

    Can Domino’s gain customers by offering free pizza for pies bought at rival shops?

    We have to consider that a lot of people will do this just to get a free pizza. I will be interested to see how many return customers it generates. There is a reason they weren't eating Domino's in the first place. Right? For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 01/25/2019

    Are NanoStores the new ultra-convenience stores?

    I'm just going to add to Mr Negative here. I do like the concept, however, the tech involved is pretty costly along with the maintenance. We are seeing a lot of pretty fancy vending machines and I would almost think expanding that concept a better investment. It is all about reaching and providing convenience to the customer but hey, let's try to make some money doing it. And that's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 01/23/2019

    Lowe’s kicks off NFL deal in the biggest game of all

    I just dropped into a Lowe's to look at a refrigerator on a Saturday. There was one guy in the department and he was using a sign-in sheet, take a number style, for who was next. Wouldn't even answer a quick question. Most of us left. That's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 01/23/2019

    Lowe’s kicks off NFL deal in the biggest game of all

    I couldn't agree more, Neil. And furthermore, Atlanta is Home Depot's hometown and although many fans at this years Super Bowl will be traveling in from other cities, the spirit will be Atlanta and Atlanta loves HD! For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 01/18/2019

    NRF: Would digital experiences be even better with a human touch?

    I agree with Ryan. This could easily just turn into another form of scripted customer service. Getting the right people into each interaction and scaling across the enterprise could be a tough nut for many retailers. I see this as the extension of services, which is a plus, however each service must be carefully selected and implemented. Steps in the right direction. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 01/17/2019

    NRF: Is the time right for retailers and brands to take political stands?

    Social, yes. Political, No. But don't take on an issue just for the sake of the issue. Take it on because it aligns with your brand and that your employees are aligned with it as well. Be authentic. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 01/16/2019

    NRF: Roving robots report for work at all Giant Foods’ stores

    Setting aside what the robot might be able to do, what I see first is Marty's big "foot print." Grocery stores are already hazardous with all the shopping carts moving in all directions. I see a lot of chaos to overcome. That's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 01/09/2019

    Is Lowe’s doing it right with its new tagline?

    It sort of felt like Mr Ellison jumped ship and ran from J.C. Penney only to take old tricks to Lowe's. With that, I am not very optimistic. It's time to step outside the box and bring more than a new tag line to the brand. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 01/04/2019

    Will PepsiCo’s robots replace the pizza delivery guy on college campuses?

    Any robot delivery will attract attention from the get-go simply because people want to check it out. What does it all come down to? The food, price and convenience. If the kids don't want healthy food then regardless of how it's delivered, it will not be a hit. And that's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 01/03/2019

    Retail industry mourns the loss of Blake Nordstrom

    It is rare to see this type of co-leadership at the top level and to see it have such great success. That says a lot about the Nordstrom family, their values and their goals for the brand. Blake will be missed and the brand will continue to reflect him and his contribution because who Nordstom is. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 12/21/2018

    Should Santa be modernized?

    These are great marketing opportunities for whomever thinks them up. Why not have the Santa of your dreams or whatever? Sort of like Barbie. But the bottom line: there is just enough of the original Santa to recognize him and let's hope he still serves the same purpose. For my 2 cents.

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