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Principal, Your Retail Authority, LLC
Ms. Kent is Owner/Principal of Your Retail Authority, LLC. and creator of Retail’s former Social Network, She is recognized by retail industry insiders as an authority on retailing and is a seasoned user of new media strategies. Lee likes to talk and exchange ideas about retail particularly on the in-store path to purchase and customer experience design. Look for invitations from Lee to exclusive Retail executive events. You can find her opinions most days on the Retail Wire where she is happy to share her 2 cents. Lee's current practice focuses on uncovering a brands point of view, customer promises and ability to deliver on them through the creation and/or co-creation of thought leadership initiatives. In addition to talking endlessly about her passion, Retail, she has directed numerous consulting and strategic initiative engagements. Her clients have included world-renowned companies as well as software providers and start-ups. Lee has served as the NA Retail Industry Practice Leader for a major global managed services provider, Retail Technology Consulting Principal for a Big 4 consulting firm, Director Supplier Management and Integration for an e-commerce start-up venture, Director of Managed Services for a major retail company and has brought her subject matter expertise to smaller organizations in order to help them build strong retail practices. To learn more, visit Lee's LinkedIn profile...
  • Posted on: 11/15/2019

    Should customers just be paid for their data?

    I get a little confounded with this topic and here's why. Why do we want data from consumers? We want it in order to figure out exactly what, where and how they want stuff so we can provide it. Heavens, If we didn't know anything about our customers what on earth would we be offering to them? The consumer wouldn't get what they are looking for and the seller would go broke. Now, is there a limit as to how much data is too much? Therein lies the real question. I do believe that basic info is already being paid for in getting the consumer their goods. Do we see a pay for play beyond that? Perhaps in some way shape or form. But let's get real folks. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 11/12/2019

    What’s in store for retail in 2020?

    You hit this one on the mark! For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 11/08/2019

    Will ‘HoliDeals’ put Target over the top for the holidays?

    I also love that they are gearing up to service their guests in a variety of ways. Therein lies success, and my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 11/07/2019

    Can J.C. Penney reinvent itself with its offbeat lab store?

    I'm with Rich on this one. If, and only if, the Sephora customer has exceeded the old Penney's customer, will something trendy take effect immediately. Otherwise it will take great cultivation and marketing and with the old name with a tired following, not much of a chance. I wish them all the best, however, I'm not seeing it in the cards. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 11/04/2019

    Should McDonald’s CEO have been fired over a ‘consensual relationship’?

    Yes, Nikki, at the risk of getting dinged for this, I agree. My goodness one of the co-founders of a major company in my city met, dated and married an employee. When I was there doing some work and a company meeting was called, they even had her speak. Why did this work as it did? Full disclosure. But let's not kid ourselves, surely they dated a bit before they decided to make full disclosure. I would bet he told his co-partner and possibly some others just to be above board. Therein lies the difference between a MeToo and a possible future wife. And that's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/30/2019

    Will free deliveries for Prime members make Amazon the driving force in online grocery?

    I'm with you David. This may cause a splash but is not likely to be a game-changer. Unless of course they can figure out how to make it sustainable. Amazon still needs more diversity in their stores along with curbside pick-up, IMHO. And that's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/28/2019

    REI’s new #OptOutside message: Save the planet

    Yes, Nikki, I totally agree plus I see REI offering yet another service whereby members/consumers might be encouraged to check if there may be a Trail pick-up day on one of their vaca days to a special hiking venue. Or something to do on a weekend day hike. Add something meaningful while enjoying the great outdoors. In my hiking days, I would have loved to add something like this. Kudos to REI and my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/25/2019

    Free next-day shipping hits Amazon in its bottom line

    I'm totally with you Paula! Next day delivery is great to offer, but I'll bet many customers don't care so I would suggest that Amazon ask before they ship. That little bit of difference/savings could really add up. And looking for other places for savings, like packaging, is where I would put my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/11/2019

    Can retail ease automation’s impact on African American workers?

    And let's not forget about the jobs that will be created. Jobs to maintain said technology, install it, test it, stay on top of new developments, etc. All can be learned and executed without extra degrees. A great way for young people to get into a trade or help pay bills before they graduate. Just like many store-level jobs are today. Always evolving. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/10/2019

    Personalized promos add up to a ‘win-win’ for retailers and consumers

    The fact that the effects are greater for new consumers and not so much for high-value consumers says it all to me. Think about how much harder and costlier it is to get new customers. These retailers would have to be ever moving the cheese in order to attract new customers and that is always a risk. And that is my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/09/2019

    REI opens outdoor adventure gateway concept

    This concept sounds almost like a concierge service for the resort area which also rents to, guides, dresses and prepares those who are partaking. A great experiential store with a little extra pow in its punch. I could see this service extended back to local REIs offering customers a chance to come in and plan their next vacation at an REI-"supported" resort area. That gets my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/04/2019

    Should companies have to pay you to use your personal data?

    I'm going to take a different path on this one. Retailers have always accessed our data in some form or fashion throughout time. How else do they make informed decisions about what we might want to buy? Maybe that data was simply knowing us and that Janie is getting married in a few months. Or maybe it is keeping up with the trends in other parts of the world to see what might fit in their community. This was part of being a retailer and, in many cases, I bet customers happily shared data just to get this service. A lot of this still holds true. How many of us complain when we get ads that have no relevance? Are there cases where the consumer should be paid for their data? Probably. Is it true in all cases? Nope. And it certainly is not a government issue. The better discussion might be around what kind of data poses more of a risk vs. what kind of data allows a provider to deliver better service. And that's my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 10/02/2019

    Is Walmart’s CEO the right leader for Business Roundtable?

    Can we get an Amen to that and my 2 cents!
  • Posted on: 09/30/2019

    “Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald’s”

    The advertising part of it, I get. And perhaps helping the job seeker get pointed in the right direction. Completing any part of an application, not so much. I cant speak for the rest of you but not just occasionally do I have to correct words in my voice messaging. When it's just a voice text to a friend, who cares. For a job application, its imperative to be correct. For my 2 cents.
  • Posted on: 09/26/2019

    Amazon tests program to take better care of employees’ health

    The concept of reducing healthcare costs goes well beyond a perk for employees. Some insurance providers are also trying to set up similar offerings and I'm seeing this as the better end game. For my 2 cents.

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