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Karl Wellman

Owner, Founder Company Name eCatalog Services Dates Employed Jan 2005 – Present Employment Duration 12 yrs 8 mos Location Saukville, Wisconsin Ask us about Walmart, Jet, Groupon and our "New" Companion Plan that helps everyone. In 2016 eCatalog pivots from Amazon Webstores to Developing Shopify Stores. Achieved dual endorsement from Amazon as Certified Solution Provider. Product Data Engineering for Amazon Merchants/Distributors/Manufacturers (15+ years), eCommerce Consulting, Resolution and Technical Support, Third Party Marketplace Platform Integration for,, Rakuten Shopping,,, We develop SAAS Services Support Tools for merchants along with, Marketing, Merchandising, Branding, and Supply Chain Technology and Amazon Web Development. . First to market "BalanceMaxx (TM)" a SAAS tool connecting 5 dynamic marketplaces to merchant order management system of record. BalanceMaxx accepts 3rd party market orders and pushes them to the merchant's order management system, returns order acknowledgment to the marketplace along with tracking numbers, sends new updated inventory information back to marketplaces. We have the capability to provide pricing updates across all marketplaces. Recently co-created a Universal System of Record known as InfiPlex OMS with our partner Stratum Web. This is a universal system of record connecting to Amazon FBA services, and others. Core competencies include SEO and SEM for 3rd party marketplaces. Innovators of this skill set over the past 11 years. We have the capability of "Optimizing" product SKU data on 3rd party marketplace platforms as well as mapping large SKU sets to various other platforms and updating large sets of product data to new file formats within the same platform quickly and efficiently. Historically we have developed Amazon Webstores, but recently launched the eCatalog Infiplex Webstore a Cloud Based solution and WordPress/Woo Commerce to replace the Amazon Webstores - 4/01/15 .
  • Posted on: 08/10/2017

    Do Amazon Marketplace sellers need outside help?

    However, after 16 years as an Amazon Solution Provider for manufacturers, distributors, and merchants, we find that in all cases unless the company has a staff that is 100% focused on, everyone needs help. In practice, Amazon does not normally let you know when they're going to make a right turn or a left turn. They simply do it. We think that having connections into people that work inside of Amazon, is a big plus. This is why we have nurtured our relationship with Amazon for a very long time, and can find ways to get things done through these relationships. We encourage all sellers who have a desire to work with Amazon to find a resource that actually has the practical experience to guide them. It is not that it's necessary, it's vital. And VET Them. No matter what you read, no matter what people tell you, you can find a place to work with Amazon, but leverage what they can provide to you in the best possible way for YOUR company. As an example, there is a particular product profile that Amazon is attracted to better than others, but what they told us 16 years ago that has not changed much today is, find us the unusual, the unique, the different, and we will expose it to the world, which basically is what they have done. But, there are tips, pathways, and people that can assure a much better outcome than trying to make a go of it yourself. So, as an Amazon Marketplace Seller you do need outside help.
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